what is love?

what is love?

I asked myself what is love?

But couldn’t find out maybe my question was tough

Some say its attraction some say its feeling

Some named it compromise and for others it is healing

But my question remain same and I was still dealing

So I went out in search to overcome my confusion

By the passage of time I get to know the solutio

Love is when a baby cry and her mother sing her a lullaby

Love is buried in sister’s unconditional care

Love is in the sweats that your father bare

Love is in doing the things that you fear

So don’t find love in couples and pairs

Love is when a dreamer accomplish his dreams

Love is in the first lick of chocolate ice cream

Love is disclosed in a brother’s protection 

So don’t take love as a temporary attraction

Love is found in the summer rains

Love is when a writer’s thoughts drain

Don’t use love for your greedy needs

Cause love is found in the smallest deeds.

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Zaheera Olia

"I write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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