I dont know what do these people want

I was worried how to overcome their taunts

But now i have learned that whatever u say

They will always question about it anyway

First i thought that the problem is in me

But now i understood that they dont want to see

Anyone doing better than them, thats why they bully

So this message is for all those tramps

Who think that a younger cant write like this damn

Your presence for me is like a foot cramp

Which stays for seconds only,sorry to be frank

But whatever u say i took that like a prank

Cuz u even dont know that talent knows no rank

Talent is the thing which need no age fills

It needs only one thing and thats damn skills

Only skills are needed to build thousand of mills

Now u must be having hundreds of guilts

But saying sorry dosent work until

 You say it with heart or else its nil❗

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Zaheera Olia

"I write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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