Which topic sholud I choose?

Which topic sholud I choose?

It’s 9.30 already !


Just over an hour to go…

And me,  sitting here, 

On the only chair of my house

have no idea 

What am I going to submit? 


When love, food and nature 

Are the 3 topics given to you

You are literally bound, to get confused

About the topic you should really choose?


Because, the given 3 topics themselves

Are the heart of almost all the write-ups

From love, begins the bond,

Of the selfless caring , by a mother,

Of the bravery protection, a father displays

And the unending support, that a friend offers

And the loyalty, that your relationship holds


Then, comes the food,

Through which the distance can be reduced,

Between the brothers, who fought for a TV remote

Or the sisters, who argued for a TV channel choice 

A drunk husband, who fought supporting his late night return

Who were on the same table,when she brought the dinner at night. 


And the nature, 

How can that topic be left?

It relates to everything that surrounds us every time 

And also means the characteristics that you and I hold

These things are closest to every writer

These things are toughest choice that a writer can choose from!


The food that comes from nature

And love that we display for all the food !

Of course, Have a unique place in our life


Without food , we cannot sustain

And without love, everything else is in vain 


So much to think about

In such a less time

And, I still have no idea

Which topic would be really mine?


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Yash Kulshrestha
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