What else finished that night?

What else finished that night?

It was Monday morning, as Andy a 19-year old freckled guy treaded down the college corridor. Although he was in no mood to attend the boring lectures, but he also had no other work to do.

He was basically a lone wolf who was always thrown before the pack only when they wanted something from him.

Although his days in college often went boring.But, the nights! They have always been unique and of course, strange. He was always woken up by a strong beam of light that hit his eyes every night during his dreams. The terror of things before he wake up would often repeat, and scared by which he would never sleep.

But, what did he see before waking up? Yes this has to be the near future.

As, he entered the astrology class, he sat at his usual spot, as he gazed out of the window his mind drifted of to the Universe and its galaxies. That was the place where the love of his dreams lived. At Pluto. Going to Pluto has always been his fantasy and he hardly paid any attention to the classes anytime.

But here , the professor suddenly announced a trip to stay at the planetarium for a night which then perked his interest up. And he was back to his fantasy to reach the Pluto and meet the love of his life.

On reaching home, he then got out his diary and GOOGLE pad and did his research stuff on the planetarium ,where he discovered that there was the same old closet which he had been recently illusioning of. 

Excited and overwhelmed with a rush of emotions he fell into a dreamless sleep, and awoke to the bright day of the trip. In the morning, they were shown around, but one thing caught his sight was the odd, paper sticking to the wall in his room. He started wondering what was behind that wall. As night fell, he stuffed some pillows under his blanket and started approaching the wall, without making a sound he peeled off the wallpaper, where he saw that creaky closet. He was so terrified, that he started to move back, but ran out of time.


The sudden brightness of his torchlight disabled his night vision momentarily that he felt creatures were crawling towards him, out of panic he opened his seven inched blade and had no idea about what these creatures could be carrying. It was all so black, that nothing except the stars were vivid through the blackout. While whispering a prayer to himself, the appearance of a shadow squeezing Pluto was visible due to the wide beam of light that arced overhead. He felt that these creatures would search the entire universe and wouldn’t end the game not until he was produced dead.


As the torchlight beam shined, it flickered like fireflies all around just when he looked towards the right,
but to his left it was all too risky, his only choice was to play the game the creatures were playing.

Discreetly he sent a star to his Pluto after slipping and heading towards north to where she was, letting
her know he is still there to save her. He could hear them talking and suddenly felt more aware that his
world was long vanished and a psychotic world of game of killing has appeared. He had drawn the root
and now all the bodies were watching with immense curiosity.

The voices whispered, and with on smooth motion he jumped into the battlefield, and while he jumped
he forgot about his mother– THE EARTH. The creatures whispered choose Earth- your mother or your
love at Pluto? He was stuck in a dilemma. She then spoke ‘I’ll survive with or without you equally, But if you come along! You will die away from your family. I cannot come to mother Earth but your arrival at Pluto must only result in destruction.


We are always connected to our family and a relationship with them cannot be replaced. Family and values are really important for the survival. So, there was no way Andy could have spent the rest of his life with the Love.


Andy was confused, but the he realized, he needed to choose the one that birthed, protected, sheltered
and nutritioned him to what he is now. So he had a mental conversation with her by staring into the eyes, which followed like this “I may not be able to choose you at the moment, but you will always be considered a part of a stone that’s forever engraved to my heart.”, with saying these words he grabbed earth and grasped the rocket and heaved himself up, four feet, then suddenly he saw the fire-bright sparks of the bodies and milky galaxy clashing. As the closet shook, he was thrown back on the cold floor where he lay unconscious after all the exotic drama.

As soon as he fell, what he only wondered was what this dream would take me to? What’s coming next?!
There have been sadness, there have been good moments that would eventually turn reality after his dreams. But, this though has been full of destruction, although meeting his love was an amazing experience but going away from her the same night was the bitter one of all. He was still imagining of which turn of events would he see next?

He wakes up and walks down the dining table.

“The PLUTO has disappeared from the Solar System”. The paper fell from his hands and his heart stopped pumping for a while. The world stopped for him and this dream turned out to be the worst nightmare he could have ever imagined of. The first love is lost, the love died with Pluto. His love, his life
has no more meaning to sustain and live by. The only reason he was living for was that love, that love whom he saved from those “Aliens“. But lost her the following morning. May be the Aliens destroyed their home, May be the war and fights ended it. But for him, everything did end then and there itself.

He did not wake up the next morning. His dreams, desire, and destiny DIED.


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Story Written and collaborated by – PRAGYA GUPTA and YASH KULSHRESHTHA

Romance + Phsycology + Thriller + Fiction + Science ( They asked us to make a combination of niche, Can you ask for something better?) 

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