Shades of lavender

Shades of lavender

Shades of lavender.

Morning canvas sky to the evening arena,
She’s standing quite like an athena.
As she lay in midst of autumn’s chill,
Boundless purple herb around the hill.
She does love lavender, it’s the color of transformation,
Royal winds make her feel sensation.
Within the calmness of turquoise hue,
In a field of violet dreams, she only thinks of you.
Some sweet breaths on the blue yoga mat,
Stream of colours on a velvet flat.
Buds blushing in tufts all over the meadow,
Lavender beauty rays are forming her shadow.
She sit tinkering with thoughts till the dim,
Environed with lavender green and gray rim.
Fragrant air with a thousand trodden stock,
Solitary motions around lavender tinge on a rock.

-Yash Mainali-

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Yash Mainali
Doesn't matter how many new blooms are there. Feeling for the very first one is totally conserved. No other can replace the feel of essence in prime florescence I had for.

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