Last teen.

Yes, it’s the last of the phase,
Still there comes a lot to taste.
Under the pillow I burry my hands,
Days goes inverting, for the feel like cool sand.

Yes, I am free from the cage.
No longer am I filled with rage.
Soul is free from being harmed,
I welcome life with open arms.

Yes, it’s the end of a child’s frame,
But now it’s a challenging game.
There’s nothing to fake it,
Life’s what I’ll make it.

Yes, I am advancing for change,
But I know of what I am habituate.
You think I should change,
But change for who?
                                     – yash

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Yash Mainali
Doesn't matter how many new blooms are there. Feeling for the very first one is totally conserved. No other can replace the feel of essence in prime florescence I had for.

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