Apart contrasts

You’re a tinge of my dream,
Wish someday I’ll achieve,
Wish for time to believe.
Still I am trying to dip in your gleam.

You’re a beauty in world’s core.
The one that I think,
The one who took my blink.
Still I am trying to meet your soul.

You’re close to my fence,
Why don’t you lade here?
Why don’t you peek here?
Still I am trying to freeze your glance.

I toiled a lot to blend,
Somehow in your shades,
Somehow in your waves.
Still I am trying to bloom in your scent.

                                              -Yash Mainali

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Yash Mainali
Doesn't matter how many new blooms are there. Feeling for the very first one is totally conserved. No other can replace the feel of essence in prime florescence I had for.

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