Love Sleep? Look Out For These Must Haves For A Good Night’s Sleep!

Love Sleep? Look Out For These Must Haves For A Good Night’s Sleep!

Admit it; we all want a break from the utter chaos of the outside world every day with a good night’s sleep, mostly after a long day at work. Health experts and doctors advise a minimum of eight hours of sleep every day for our body to function at its optimum capacity. As is the case with technology, it catches up to each and every one of our needs at one point of time. So check out these 10 unique products which will assist you in having that sleep you always desired but never had!


1.    The Tranquil Turtle

Tranquil TurtleTranquil Turtle.jpg

Had a tiresome day at work? Can’t sleep at night because of your toddler crying their brains out? Here’s our solution – the Tranquil Turtle. Move away from the teddy bear stereotype and gift your baby this sweet piece of toy; Mr Turtle will take good care of her! The toy performs “magical” underwater light effects, which emanate from its glowing shell as it sings your baby to sleep using soft melodies and the soothing sound of ocean waves. Thank us later!


2.    Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

 Withings Aura

Tired of breaking those pesky alarm clocks and beepers every morning? Try the Withings Aura instead. This lamp with a smart alarm clock offers an optimized LED lighting; it promotes the secretion of sleep hormones. What’s more, it combines a gradually brightening light providing a simulated sunrise with some customised audio (works with Spotify) to wake you up with the promise of feeling energized and well rested.


3.    Eight Cover

Eight Cover 

Manufactured by Eight (formerly Luna), this smart mattress cover monitors all sorts of data while you sleep; it assesses the environment and analyzes information about the quality of the sleep so that it can adjust the temperature accordingly and make sure you wake up after a quality nap.


4.    Lark


Consider Lark to be your personal sleeping coach. It analyzes your sleep cycles and patterns, and gives you detailed stats and figures on your bed-time. Further, it then gives you coaching tips to improve your sleep score, and ensures you feel refreshed every morning.


5.    Hoodie Pillow

Hoodie Pillow

A smart and simple solution to your sleeping problems – these hoodie pillows come with cell phone pockets which allow you to listen to soothing music uninterrupted as you sleep your way to noon.


6.    BluBlocker Glasses


For those with the habit of grabbing an airing of your favourite soap episode before sleep, these glasses are the perfect companion. According to science, electrical appliances like laptops, TVs and phones emit high concentrations of blue-wavelength light; this reduces the production of melatonin (a sleep inducing hormone) in our body, which turns us into zombies as a result. These glasses protect your eyes from the blue light, so that you can comfortably finish one more Supernatural episode before turning in for the night.


7.    Angel II Scentilizer

Angel ScentilizerAngel Scentilizer.jpg

Designed by Carsten Jorgensen, this nifty piece of space-age gadget utilizes ultrasonic vibrations in a frequency of 1.70 MHz to turn water into mist; for the laymen, it basically humidifies and scents the air around its general vicinity. The energy efficient LED light comes with switching colours for some accent lighting. Angel also features a built-in sound system with pre-included yoga/spa soundtracks, but you can play your own music via the auxiliary cable (provided) or a USB stick. The perfect gadget for a good night’s rest, we say!



8.    Sleep Number X12 Series

Sleep Number

If you have the money and the necessary determination to “sleep like a baby”, then this product is for you. The voice-activated bed has an integrated sleep-monitoring tracker in the mattress and collects data such as your breathing rate, movement and heart rate. It then sends all the data to the app where you can track your lifestyle to identify the factors which affect your sleep. The bed then suggests tips for you to achieve a sound sleep.


9.    LIFX Original Smart LED Bulb


This Wi-Fi enabled and energy-efficient LED light bulb is the perfect replacement for those pesky night lamps in your bedroom. The colour options vary, from light purple to help lower your heart rate, deep red to help you sleep and light orange to give you a fresh start in the morning. What’s more, you can control them with your smart phone!


10.     Bedphones Gen. 3 Sleep Headphones


Yes, you heard it right. These headphones are your sure-fire way to a sound sleep. You can barely feel the foam-covered speakers, and the ear hooks are made from soft, rubber-coated mouldable memory wire for a custom fit. Pair it with the satin eye mask that’s included in the package, and you are all set to tuck in for the night.



So there you go – now you have ten brilliant assistants to help you get that much needed shut-eye after a tiring day of work, or when you just want to enjoy a quiet siesta in the middle of the day!

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