9 Must Have Items For Poker Players

9 Must Have Items For Poker Players

Poker is a game of gambling mixed with a bit of luck and a whole lot of reading other people’s faces. All variants of poker include betting which is regarded as the most intrinsic part of the play; the collective money (also referred to as “the pot”) goes to the winner or the player who has the best combination of cards at the table at the end of each hand. Poker gained a huge and quite unprecedented boost of popularity in the twenty first century owing to the introduction of online poker tournaments, and has turned the game into a spectator sport. Here are nine items that every poker player/lover can and should have in their poker kit.


#1 A Classy Poker Deck

Theory11 Multicolour Playing CardsTheory11 Multicolour Playing Cards.jpg

Playing poker is an interesting hobby, but when you are serious about the sport, you need the right ingredients to give your game a visual upgrade. Many poker enthusiasts do not believe in the importance of having a proper deck of cards at hand; at least one that can withstand amateur handling more than a few times. Theory11’s embossed deck is the perfect product for those who wish to add an elegant touch to their poker playing experience. These have been advertised as “the world’s finest” when it comes to playing cards, and boy are they elegant!


 #2 A Proper Poker Set

James Bond 50th Anniversary Edition Poker DeckJames Bond 50th Anniversary Edition Poker Deck.jpg

All the top poker players from around the world believe in the motto “You are not a poker player unless you own a chip set worth talking about”, and we could not agree more. From doing chip tricks to just enjoying the weight and feel of the pieces in your hands, having a proper chip set is a quintessential need for every poker lover, and who else to make you believe this fact, than the evergreen Bond movies?! The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition James Bond themed poker set from Cartamundi is as close as you will ever get to a “real thing”.  The wooden case, which bears the 50 year anniversary logo, holds 200 neatly cut and multi-coloured poker chips of professional quality; along with that you get two decks of playing cards as well. A great gift for fans of the 007 franchise and the game of poker alike.


#3 This Automatic Card Shuffler

John N Hansen Automatic Card ShufflerJohn N Hansen Automatic Card Shuffler.jpeg

Shuffling cards after each game when you are playing poker can be quite tiresome, especially when you are playing in big groups of 8 and more. Serious players and enthusiasts of poker keep portable card shufflers at hand for this exact reason, because you never know who or how many might end up playing. The John N Hansen Card Shuffler is automatic and touted as one of the fastest card shufflers on the market. It is designed to handle all types of standard playing cards, be it made from plastic, paper, laminated or more with equal ease. The Hansen is designed for constant use, and can handle up to 6 decks of cards.


#4 This Traveller Table Top

Texas Traveller Table TopTexas Traveller Table Top.jpg

A great game of poker requires an equally great setup, and this 48 inch folding table top by Trademark Poker will enable you to do just that. It has built-in chip organizers and comes with a carrying case whose front pouch has enough space to fit in the chips, 2 decks of cards and the dealer and blind buttons as well. The option to fold this table makes it portable, so that you can take your favorite pastime on the road while travelling or backpacking across places with the gang.


#5 This Poker Dealing Shoe

Trademark Poker Dealer ShoeTrademark Poker Dealer Shoe.jpg

Dealing cards can be quite slow and hindrances when playing with amateurs, since most of them want to try their hand at it; conversely, dealing swiftly and smoothly when playing with professionals also becomes the need of the hour. Enter the Blackjack cum Poker Dealing Shoe by Trademark Poker, a 6-deck professional grade product manufactured to answer to all your dealing needs. The heavy duty steel rollers make the dealer’s work smooth and the rounded edges ensure that your hands avoid injuries while using it.


#6 This Book on Poker Strategy

Internet Poker Book - Matthew HilgerInternet Poker Book - Matthew Hilger.jpg

A great way to increase your skill in the game of poker is to imprint each and every bit of expert advice from professionals onto your brain. There is no dearth of books on poker out there, but the most preferred and perhaps the best guide for anyone looking to learn the game of poker or specialise in it is the one written by Matthew Hilger, titled “Internet Texas Hold’em: Winning Strategies  from an Internet Pro”. The book is written in extensive detail, and Hilger has also covered the basics and general concepts of the game thoroughly. There are also numerous practice hands provided in the book itself so that the reader can get a hold the concepts.


#7 A Custom-Made T-Shirt

The Souled Store Poker T ShirtThe Souled Store Poker T Shirt.jpg

It is very important that you wear proper attire when sitting for a game of poker, and what is more proper than a customized t-shirt that makes you stand out from the rest of the players and also relays your confidence in the most subtle manner? For the professionals, there are plenty of portals online where you can design your own t-shirts with unique messages for the crowd. For those who don’t have an artistic touch, there are lots of choices to browse from in case you want pre-designed apparel. T shirts carrying poker quotes are popular because they add some chic to your wardrobe and also separate the serious players from the wannabes.


#8 This Poker Tournament Timer

Trademark Poker Tournament TimerTrademark Poker Tournament Timer.jpg

Keeping proper time for each hand is an essential requirement, especially for the professionals. The game tends to become boring when everyone is busy distracting their neighbors with useless advice while ignoring the 10-second time limit rule. This Tournament Timer from Trademark Poker Global takes care of these inconveniences. It is easy to use, and you can just forget about it once the timer has been set.


 #9 This Wooden Playing Cards Box

ShalinIndia Wooden Poker BoxShalinIndia Wooden Poker Box.jpg


Storing your cards in a proper location is just as necessary as storing your chips in the same manner, more so for the cards since they are made of lighter materials and tend to lose their flexibility over time if not kept under proper conditions. This imported wooden box from Shalinindia which triples up as Dominoes and Dice storage is a brilliant way to keep your cards healthy. Made from sesame wood and polished in mahogany color, the box is compact and looks classy as well.


So there you go; you can now enjoy poker with friends and family in a better way with these equipment as well as steal the thunder by showing off your skills!

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