15 Gifts For Your Girlfriend

15 Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Admit it, our significant others have always surpassed us when it comes to expressing emotions through those special gestures and gifts you cherish so much. Well its time that we do our part as well, and show them that we care – just as much. As a reference, we bring to you a list of 15 things you can gift your better half be it any occasion, that will let them know just how much they mean to you; after all, they deserve to be treated with just as much love and affection.


#1 This Wooden Box of “Girlfriend” Printed Candies

Starry Night

These candies from CHOCOCRAFT are an ideal way of letting her know how much she means to you; by indulging her guilty pleasures! The chocolates are made only after the order has been placed, and come with a shelf life of about three months (not that it would take her that long to go through them anyway!) There are a total of 12 candies which come in a wooden box with separate compartments for each piece, and she can even keep the elegantly designed and themed box as a memoir. Ideal for Valentine’s Day celebrations.


#2 This Heat-Activated Coffee Mug


Want her to wake up to brilliant and energetic mornings every day? Then this heat sensing ceramic coffee mug from GeekGoodies is the perfect solution! Get her one of these pronto, and you will see how much she loves you for it. When hot water, tea or coffee is poured into the mug, the sleepy little eyes wake up to instant alert ones! A trusty companion for those lazy mornings we all go through. Beware though! Do not put the mug in a microwave, or it will lose the discoloration effect.


#3 This Water-proof & Portable Shower Speaker


For those poor souls out there with bathroom singers for girlfriends, this gift is a surefire way to win her heart all over again, as well as do permanent damage to your ears in the process. (No pun intended!) The SoundBot SB510 is a decent piece of tech with an affordable price tag for overall use. It comes with universal compatibility (be it Android or iOS) and has a dedicated suction cup to fit in your shower, along with a playback time of up to 6 hours. Go ahead and gift her one of these babies asap!



#4 This Black Leather Jacket

 Numero Uno Black

We all know women like black; combine that with jackets, and voila! You have got yourself a stunning gift for your loved one. Take this one from the brand Numero Uno for instance. The solid black spread is catchy, and the design is splendid as well. Winter is coming, we say; this is the perfect gift to start the season on a high note!


#5 This Phone Cover Clutch

Phone ClutchPhone Clutch.jpg

Although there are only a few of these out there for select phone models, it cannot be denied that this mobile phone clutch from Brain Freezer is an absolute winner in the gifts category. It doubles up as a wallet, and protects the phone from unnecessary scratches as well. So now, instead of taking her sling bag, she can just use this gift for her purposes! Talk about being functional yet stylish.


#6 This Adorable Pen Stand

Teddy Bear Pen Stand

Women love being gifted things that make them go “Awww” in first sight, and this adorable teddy bear pen stand from Saugat Traders is just one of them. Cute yet functional, this pen stand makes for an ideal off-the-season gift for her. Now every time she sits at her desk or reaches out for a pen, she will do so with a smile on her face!


#7 This Heart Shaped Cushion

Heart Shaped Cushion

Another adorable gift to cement your place in her heart, this fluffy cushion by Tickles will replace all her other bedroom cushions and earn brownie points with her BFFs as well. The filling consists of polyester; she can cuddle with it however long as she pleases, and it still won’t affect the fluffiness of the cushion. A great gift we say!


#8 This Pair of Sneakers

Vans Cosmic

Remember telling your girl how you love her “to the moon and back”? Well, gift her these unique sneakers from Vans, nicknamed “Cosmic Galaxy”, and let her walk among the stars for eternity. Or just till they wear out. Whichever comes first.


#9 This blithe Scent

Comme des GarconsComme des Garcons.jpg

Good products are hard to come by, which is why this scent from Comme des Garcons will surely melt her heart while leaving a deep hole in your pocket. But when it comes to matters of the heart, we men rarely think with our wallets don’t we all? Ideal for the one-year anniversary celebrations; a token of appreciation for dealing with you all year long!


#10 This Elegant Analog Watch

Daniel Klein

Decent watches with affordable price tags are hard to come by these days, especially so for women. This analog beauty from Daniel Klein will free up her schedule just for you – for a long time. The price is within limits, and the look is sassy enough for her to combine it with an array of fashion choices. An elegant gift for timeless beauty, or so they say.


#11 This Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box

Wooden Box

Indian products always have this feeling of culture imbued in them, especially when it comes to jewelry. Gifting your loved one a necklace set is beautiful, but gifting her an equally appealing jewelry box? An even better idea we say. Jewelry boxes are thoughtful gifts, and your girlfriend will surely love you more after you hand her this elegant and classy piece of handicraft from ShalinIndia, to go with her earrings and bracelets and what not.


#12 This Fragrance Gift Set

Vera Wang

If you want step up your gift game and you’ve got the money, then this epic fragrance set from Vera Wang consisting a Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Perfume Spray combo is definitely our pick for you. The Be Jeweled Rouge is fresh and sweet with a floral-fruity fragrance which will melt her heart right away the first time she uses it. What’s more, the brilliantly cut gem-like bottle serves as a collector’s item as well!


#13 This Earring Set

Cute Meow Earrings

Surprise your loved one by getting her a pair of these cute earrings from BlueStone. The 18Kt Yellow Gold earring set has diamonds for the eyes, and will instantly cheer her up with its funky look and feel.


#14 This Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax MiniFujifilm Instax Mini.jpeg

If your girlfriend is someone who doesn’t shy away from the lens and actually has a fun time with clicking pictures, help her make memories with this instant Poleroid-style camera from Fujifilm. Touted as the most fun camera money can buy, the photos come with a white border for you to scribble some words of love around it. A great choice of gift we say!


#15 This Advent Calendar


The most expensive on this list, we have saved the best for last. This Countdown to Love Advent Calendar from Benefit is probably the best gift you will get for her from out there. With 24 compartments filled with all of Benefit’s best sellers in universally flattering shades, the Advent will make her wow over the fact that you bought her not one but 24 gifts at one time! Talk about scoring some serious brownie points with your significant other.


So there you have it – a wide range of gifts to choose from when it comes to pleasing the love of your life, and each one of them is a winner in itself!



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