Your ‘Swag’ is killing your City, Delhiites

Your ‘Swag’ is killing your City, Delhiites


Dirty? Yup. Overcrowded? Yup. REALLY over-polluted? Yup.
When you read this, a few of you may think that the talk is of India in general, but no, we are talking about Delhi, a city which just seems to have taken up the worst facets of life in India and swollen it up to such an extent that living in Delhi is becoming a bit of a head-ache of late (quite literally, and given the recent pollution fiasco, you would be lucky to get away with just a head-ache). Here are a few reasons why the ‘swag’ of Delhiites is leading to the City’s gradual decline.

  1. Pollution.

The issue in the limelight at the moment. Pollution. Bursting tons of crackers just to show off, amongst other reasons, has come back to haunt the Delhiites, big time. And there were warnings in the past as well, with pollutions rising consistently over the years, but Delhiites failed to heed those signs and here we are, now the situation has gotten so out of hand that schools have to be shut down and construction work has to be stopped.

Here are a few photos of the nation’s capital a few days after Diwali:





       2. Attitude.

Yes, attitude of the some of the residents of Delhi. All those cases of crime and low key gang wars that are a daily occurrence in the city. And of course, harassment of women. It has become so bad in the recent years that a woman has to think twice before heading out after dark. Delhi truly seems to have earned its name as the country’s ‘crime capital’.


  1. Political Turbulence.

By political turbulence, we really mean Arvind Kejriwal (¯\_(ツ)_/¯).


Delhiites had high hopes from the young politician, evident from the landslide of votes that got him the win, but all the confidence in him seems to have fizzled out. Kejriwal can constantly be seen nitpick about Prime Minister Modi’s policies and actions, while not paying enough attention to the Delhi itself. His election promises such as free-wifi all over the city are yet to be implemented.

All these political issues in the short run would indeed be worth it if they paid dividends in the long run, if Arvind Kejriwal could actually solve some of the problems plaguing Delhi right now. But at the moment, it does not look like it.

     4. Nightlife.

Yeah, Delhi and its notoriously famous nightlife. With tons of pubs, bars, and discos all over the city, there is no shortage of places to have a wild time after the sun sets. Or why a wild time, even if one wishes to simply let their hair down, they can head over to the clubs, bars, parties and concerts and just enjoy.



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