5 Unique Things about BITS Goa

5 Unique Things about BITS Goa



  1. 0-percent Attendance


Yep, you heard it right. Attendance is NOT mandatory in BITS Goa, unlike other engineering colleges in our country. This gives you free time to explore your other interests and to build your skill set.


  1. The Beaches


Inevitable really. You talk about Goa, you HAVE to mention the beaches! The closest beach from the campus, Bogmallo, is just a 10-minute ride away, and is thronged by BITSians on weekends. Bogmallo and other beaches in and around Goa provide a perfect weekend escape.


  1. The Sprawling Central Lawns


BITS Goa is built systematically over a 200-acre plot and looks gorgeous, set on the banks of the river Zuari. The Central Lawns are filled with football enthusiasts every evening, with seven/eight matches going on simultaneously as students from all years join to play the beautiful game. The above is a picture of the Central Lawns and the surrounding area during Diwali.




  1. The B-Dome


A big meeting point for all the student related activities and the place hosting all the academic blocks, the B-Dome is the most beautiful structure on campus.

Here is an aerial view of the B-Dome with the whole academic block-




  1. Monginis and Dominos

These two are the most popular eateries for the students. While Monginis is inside the campus, Dominos is nearby but outside the campus, and students mostly order food for delivery from Dominos.

A first time customer visiting Monginis may be in for a shock, the happy middle-aged couple managing shop absolutely do not respond when called as uncle/aunty. The only way to get their attention is to call them as Sam/Pinky, and although it is a bit awkward to call someone elder than you by their name, people get used to it. Sam and Pinky’s friendly personality goes a long way in helping too.



It is said that the nearby Dominos runs only on the orders it gets from BITS students, especially on days when there are BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers, and sometimes also on days when that offer is not available (*wink*).

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