Petrichor- The feeling and the passion

Petrichor- The feeling and the passion



Today what we are talking about is the smell of the very first rain after a long dry period.


It is an extremely pleasing smell.

It comes with a blend of sand odour in it and is one of the most soothing things in this world.


Petrichor when comes, brings in a lot of positivity with itself.


In our lives too we should really be inspired by the way petrichor makes things and pleasant and we should also try making things positive around us


Petrichor in literature has a lot of metaphorical connections linked to it.

Great writers link it with the feeling of nostalgia and on a contrast some link it with enormous joy as well.

Also there are people who love to make it a foundation for their poetry as well.

Poets feel that it is not just a smell but a feeling in itself and can make people move with it.


This word also has books linked to it

One of them is 


By David Scott Ewers.

It is one of the bestseller of its time.

Music has also been linked to petrichor,

Songs from the Hollywood and the Bollywood are based on this concept.


In the outskirts of Indian dry areas  as it is directly linked with rains and people really crave for it and the smell of rain after the first rain is a mark of food in the stomach of poor farmers.


Petrichor , Petrichor , Petrichor.

The lovely feeling and beautiful thoughts revolving around it.

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Vishal Ranka

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