Motivation – The Eternal Power

Motivation – The Eternal Power

When life knocks you down,stand back up and tell the hurdles about how strong you are.
Make your life story worth listening!
Motivation is the tool that can do wonders which seem impossible to achieve.

Why is motivation important?

1. Motivation helps us to rise at times where everything seems impossible.

2. Motivation is a power that can come from within, so you become independent.

3. Motivation makes you follow your heart and reach the triumps you wish for.

How can someone be motivated?

1. Externals- Your friends and family can motivate you at times when you doubt yourself, choose them wisely.

2. Yourself- The power lies within ourselves, we just need to keep the morale high.

3. God- He is the one who controls everything and he is the one who can support you when everything goes wrong.

Be it in any field in life , from a relationship to studies, from sports to speeches one should be motivated enough to show his or her passion motivation is the ladder.

One motivated person can spread soo much of positivity to all the people around that everyone around or the whole team gets uplifted towards work.

Life is certainly a marathon , it takes a long time to become a champion.
It is more about how much you can uplift yourself to be the best rather than doing great.
Keep fighting for it till the last breathe, who knows it gives you a new life!

Whenever you think that you can’t do it and you should stop,just remember why did you start!

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Vishal Ranka

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