Fake scam offers and there misconceptions.

Fake scam offers and there misconceptions.

Fake or scam offers which are found online nowadays are very much in trend.
Like this one.

These offers promise of giving away free recharges once you fill in your details and share it on your whatsapp or facebook etc.
Some hackers or crackers try to create fake links in the name of big companies and create such scam pages.

How do theses people get benefitted?

These people circulate these links on every random website and when people try to open or use these links, these people earn a certain amount of money as there server is used.

Also, these people after sometime get money for advertising things on there scam pages, because working or not, people try these due to greed of attractive schemes.

Another proof of these not working is that these scams will ask you to share this on your whatsapp groups, facebook etc following which you will receive the free recharges etc.
But there is no software aur way as of now that can detect where have you sent this thing, to how many people or to your facebook wall.
All this is done in order to promote their fake scam page to as many people as they can and earn money.


These scam pages can also be vulnerable as some people tend to insert there facebook id and password to earn offers and end up getting hacked.

There is no possibility in this world that a very big or renowned company gives such a big offer and there is no official announcement about it.
There will always be an official announcement like Mr. Mukesh Ambani did for reliance JIO.
So one should always be aware of these scam pages and not using them, because no official announcement is everything fake.

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Vishal Ranka

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