Books and perks of books.

Books and perks of books.


In our lives books play a very important role as they are the biggest source of education.

But there is way more than that which only a dedicated reader can understand.

Reading is something that is not just a hobby, but it is a passion,

Once you get into this habit there is no looking back.

They offer you a whole new world of wonders.

A good reader is always a better writer,

The flow of thoughts in a readers mind are from a different planet.

The best writers in the world also read soo much that one can never imagine.

Books are a part of readers emotions





And sooo on.

Books also give a transformation to a persons personality and life.

What you read , is what you think and the same you do.


Books do help lot in a persons way of writing and vocabulary.

The content you write is a mirror of what you read.

Read and read and read.

From grocery list to classics read everything and then look at the quality of language you use and what you write.

Everything is linked in our life and good books help to raise your standard of language and life as well.

Books I tell you is a bestfriend with no complaints and no demands.

Start reading and believe me you will have a whole new world to live in.

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Vishal Ranka

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