So what…

So what…

” Is it real or I’m caught up in an illusion ?”

I asked , looking at him in confusion 

” Will we live the laughter or die down in  silent cries ?”

Smiling , he answered looking sadly into my eyes 

” Even if we are destined to drift apart 

I’ll remember you as the blood beat in my heart 

In the morning hours , when I’ll wake up to an empty bed 

I will make you up,  once again inside my head 

So what if the sun kisses you morning , overseas ?

After my lids fall , you’ll be home again in my fantasies ”


”Will it be happy or a hell-bent ride ?”

I asked , curling towards his side 

” Will we live the laughter or die down in silent cries ?”

Smiling as he spoke , I saw my tears shining in his eyes 

”Even if we are destined to drift apart 

I will remember you as a melody in my heart 

In the evening light , when the memories return back home 

I will dance with you under the coppery sky’s dome 

So what if we become addresses of different cities ?

After the day falls , we’ll meet again in my fantasies .”



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Vinita Upadhyay
I want to write till my last breath because one day I want to look down from the heaven and see a liltle girl reading my books .....

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  1. Dilip Upadhyay

    Behen pehela issthan to William Shakespeare ka butt nexxtt tumhara he hai…
    Bahut #shandar likhti ho tum…✌☝

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