Haunted streets , starry nights 

Tantalising truths , dimmed lights 

Perishing love that was once shared 

Dancing shadows , demon running scared

This town , I have come to reside 

With just loneliness on my side 


No cries , no flatters 

Everyone’s walking on the glass shards

Treading on a path inflamed with fire 

Inside every face , there abodes a liar 

This town , I have come to learn 

Being blamed for something never done


Mystique eyes , perfect jitters

Shimmering skies , decietful glitters 

Haughty rain , silver flakes 

A raven laments before the sun wakes 

This town I have come to fight 

Behind every false omen an epic hide


Stepping on this way in arrant darkness

I wish you hold my hand on the cause way

Then we’ll get back to our paradise

Where happiness awaits you , soothing and suffice

Come back before my breaths gets seized 

Come back before my candle gets extinguished.





”He didn’t come back , I never waited ”

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Vinita Upadhyay
I am a weaver who weaves dreams into poetry.


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