My Lonely Heart

My Lonely Heart




A lonely heart walks down the boulevard , thumping fast

Seeking every nook and corner , it finds it shadow at last

It was like a new life springing in winter

Rain drizzling in a desert along with welcoming spark of thunder

The heart accepted it’s shadow as its own part

It hoped and reached for the heaven , blowing the cosmic dust apart

Love like the breeze permeated in the atmosphere 

With widening daylight , broadened their love and care

Faith clung on the heart like beauty to eternity

As if it found a friend lost in antiquity

But ,

When the sun abandoned the canopy of the hill 

When its warm light transformed in an icy chill 

When darkness hovered over the enlightened world

Awoke the dusk , the heart’s mere shadow dulled

Tragedy here plays it’s part

Dissappeared the shadow , alone was left the heart 

Love for the heart was an unenjoyable lark

Invaded was his soul with a fear so stark

What should I expect from you ?

When  I know ,


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Vinita Upadhyay
I am a weaver who weaves dreams into poetry.

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