Pay heed to the blood that fought for us till the last 

Standing united , we’re heading towards a grand future from a golden past 

I’m back here to introduce young minds with  the final destination

To share my prototype to design an incredible nation

I don’t wish to see skyscrapers flamboyantly kissing the sky 

Neither luxury cars dancing in the road at every sight

But each man born here should have a place called home 

No child sleeps invaded by hunger in this kingdom 

Neither I want to dig the soil and find a gold mine 

Nor I want  to climb the sky and steal the sunshine 

Education should transform every Indian  to gem 

And inculcate a feeling of patriotism in them 

Where truth is God and love , a religion

A reign where equality rules conquering every discrimination 

Where corruption had forsaken every mind and chains are set free 

I want to breathe in such a beautiful country

Where long live the heritage and technology rises high 

Where people are grounded still they have a desire to touch the sky 

Where air scents victory and breeze sings our anthem 

Where resides oneness in diversity more than words can fathom 

Where each man heads towards success holding hand in hand

This is my dream for my motherland .

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Vinita Upadhyay
I am a weaver who weaves dreams into poetry.

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