A father like you .

Ode to the best dad in the world  , my dad .


When I saw 

the dawn of my life

Opening my eyes  , I saw you

Smiling at me


I landed my foot on Earth

Disbalanced and I fell down

You grabbed me in your arms 

And kissed my tearful face


On my first day in school

I was frightened

It was you at the gate 

Waving at me


That cold evening 

I had a fight with my friends

You were there to walk by me 

On the lonely boulevard 


In those dark nights

When my heart frayed with fear 

Your magical presence 

Soothed my fraying nerves 


I was crying in that corner once

I thought , I’d flunked life

You taught me , I may not be perfect 

”But I was beautiful me ”


The world hated me 

It shoved me to the ground 

I can stand by all odds 

Cause I have you to love me best


Though , I don’t show 

How much I love you

But deep in my heart 

I am proud to have a father 


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Vinita Upadhyay
I am a weaver who weaves dreams into poetry.

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  1. Dilip Upadhyay

    ab tarif bhi kya kru bs itna bol skta hu ki bolne ke leye sabdd he nhi mil rhe….

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