A plea of my broken heart

A plea of my broken heart

Almost every day I find my heart crushed
That I feel like not living in this world anymore
It’s like I’m dying each day because it’s too much
My emotions stir up till it sore;

I cannot explain how miserable I feel
How this life keeps on messing up with everything else
I gave my all, my everything my heart and soul
And in the end it was all in vain;

Memories of us hunts me everyday
The days in the sun, my world then was fun
The one love that gave my life back
A moment in my life which was fulfilling;

Now, I try to fight this struggle I’m in
Living alone, like a single tree in a desert
I’m just here waiting, waiting to rain
Life’s meaning is gone, when all make’s no sense

How I wish that this life of mine would end
For the meaning in it has been removed once again
I live this lonely life to only feel resent
I need help… please someone? I can’t take this pain;


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Vinay Thommandru
I'm from Vijayawada

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