Amma’s Soul Voice!!

Amma’s Soul Voice!!

                                                    “PURATCHI THALAVI” the revolutionary leader.

I am Jayalalithaa; lying on bed and I know; counting my last breaths. My father, Jayaram; who passed away when I was only 2 years old and my mother Vedavalli, both are here to receive me and to hold my soul’s hand. I know I have to go, but I would like to recall my life.

24th Feb 1948; I opened my eyes in Mandya district, Mysore and today 5th Dec 2016 m all set to close this forever. Friends in my teenage use to call me beautiful; but I know beauty doesn’t lies with your face only; its lies with the truthful eyes, and yes I am beautiful.

I actually want to become a successful actress who will win the heart of all with her sweetness and loyalty, but life want something more and different from me. In 1961, I started my carrier in acting with “Epistle” an English movie and in 1964, as leading role from a Kannad film “Chinnada Gombe”. And I was one of successful one in the industry.

 We tried our best, we tried to do things we would like to and it’s good actually. But god is always there to narrate your story and give you the motive of living on his earth. He gave me also, and I started my political carrier in 1982, with all time great motivator ‘M.G. Ramachandran’; I don’t know what he observed in me and let me make steps in this new field. I knew if I made any steps wrong, my parents were there to help me to bring this on right path.

Right now m going to hold my parents hand and will never come back in this world, I have all the right to bring all my memories in front before leaving this ‘skin tighter body’.                                                                     My mother told me, when she is about to die; “You will notified when you are going to leave your body before five minutes of dying”                                                                                                                                              I was listing her looking into her eyes, and she continues “I will come to hold your hands beta in your last moment, and will guide what to do next, but promise me; you will bring some change to society”.             Her eyes were looking at me with hope; and that was like, she want to do something which she couldn’t and telling me in her way to do that incomplete work in her last words, “it’s the best feeling in this world when people will look at you, as their hope for better living, work for them. And make me proud”

Every morning when I opened my eyes, I asked myself “Will maa feel proud of me, am I answerable to her when she will meet me??”

Pennin Perumai, my first speech which means ‘the Pride of Women’ was all dedicated to my mother. I know she was listening it from top of this world, where I have to go now. I think it’s an amazing view of down earth from that top, so my mother always took looking at me.

Time passed and I keep myself growing and learning, and I keep achieving ‘first lady to become the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu’ and on 24 June 1991, ‘the youngest ever Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu’ and many things, but the biggest thing which I had achieved were the “LOVE from the nation”. And I always cared that love from core of my heart.

People gave me, the biggest achievement of my life “AMMA” means mother, which led me to become more responsible and caring for their love.

I am remembering the entire persons who helped me in reaching at this point. But this entire list is full of the people of my nation. Their love is most powerful weapon for me, even when I get notified that I am going to die; this is the only thing which is holding my hands and saying ‘please don’t leave, we need you’!!

Doctors are trying at their best; modern equipments are here to bring my soul back, but I want to sleep. Sleeping not because I don’t want to serve more; but want to feel more and more love from everyone. And also want to feel love of my father who left me in earlier age and want to ask my mother is this sufficient to make her proud of me?                                                                                                                                                         People are crying for me, they have tears for me, they are praying for me. But it’s time to take further steps. God and maa both are calling me to sleep in their nap for long period but stay alive in everyone’s heart. 

At last I will share my last words “being alive for years in not much important, do the work through which you will stay alive in people’s heart; you will live forever”

Your’s Amma!!

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