Wants to Become a Leader From Manager?

Wants to Become a Leader From Manager?

Managers are the person responsible for coordinating, planning, and organizing activities and tasks in the company. These skills are certainly important, but how many managers embrace and apply these skills might be even more important.

If you wants to be the best leaders from a best manager then here are some of the tips you can follow up.

  1. The Best Managers are Best Leaders.

Some say mangers are not leaders, and leaders aren’t managers – that these two jobs are completely different. But the truth is that a manager has to be a leader, a leader has to know to manage.

A manager has to motivate and inspire people. We need leadership in management as much as we need management in leadership.


  1. The Best Manager Communicate.

The best way to communicate is to share information with those who need to be in the know. As important as it is for managers to communicate with the people, is just as important to listen. If you are always doing the talking, you won’t have time to listen.

The best managers are great communicators – they make time to listen, but they also make time to listen. When you listen you can improve customer service, and you can create collaboration in the work environment.


  1. The Best Managers Know How to Delegate.

Effective managers understand that they should not all the work themselves. If they do, not only do they take on far too much work themselves, they come across as micromanages to the people. The best manager delegate task and responsibility to the right person with the right talent to get the right job done.

Good managers select employees according to the skill needed for the role, but great managers select people for their talent.


  1. The Best Manager are Quick Decision Maker.

Successful managers are small, practical, and pragmatic, and they are able to solve problems and make decision quickly. Doing this takes fast thinking, and ability to gather information quickly, and a willingness to take risk.

But great manager know that when you are able to make decision quickly, this provides organization with areal advantage in the market place.


  1. The Best Managers Celebrate Diversity.

Great managers understand you have to access the performance and develop the person – they realize that every person s different and should be treated as such. The best manager celebrate diversity for their team.

The best manager make it a best practice to get to know their people for who they are, and assign them tasks that are meaningful and challenging.

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