Want to make your partner feel special? Well, you may not be expressive to say things you may want to. Here are some interesting self made messages to help you out. I am sure your partner wont stop smiling after reading these:


  1. Its not about loving him/her sometimes,
    Its about holding a pen and writing about him/her.
    Its not about missing him/her sometimes,
    Its about feeling his/her essence on a rainy day.
    Its not about holding him/her sometimes,
    Its about listening to a song and thinking of him/her.
    Its not about dating sometimes,
    Its about travelling to places with him/her in dreams.
    Its not about hugging or kissing sometimes,
    Its about looking at his/her picture and craving for his/her touch.
    Its not about a message or a call sometimes,
    Its about sensing your heart skip a beat when you hear his/her name.
  2.   Why you?

             Because you are my inspiration.

            Because you gave meaning to the word ‘love’in my life.

            Because everytime I close my eyes I just think of you.

           Because I never felt this intensity with anyone else before.

            Because you are a part of my dreams.

          Because you are my king and I wana be your queen.

            Because I can never fall for anyone other than you.

            Because everytime I close my eyes,I just think of you.

          Because you are the best thing that can happen to my life.

Just want to say this to you that ‘I love you’

3.They both know…

His/Her presence is torturous sometimes but more is His/Her absence.

The anger will last for a few more days or maybe weeks.

Fighting is part of being together and it wont last long.

They will be together no matter what,sharing happiest and saddest moments of their life.

Compromising on ego isn’t a big deal if it makes Him/Her happy.

They have become inseparable souls.


They need each other.

They care a lot for each other.

They want this bond to last for eternity.


Because you are one in a million…

Because you make me feel so special.

Because you encourage me to achieve indefeasible feats in my life

Because you have been my strength more than my weakness.

Because you made me fall in love with myself even more..

Because you make sure to plant a smile on my face when I am sad.

Because you are the best gift of god for me.


  1. I want this bond to be everlasting ….

I want this love to be eternal…

I want to fall in love with you  everyday all over..

I want you to remain the same forever..

I want to be your strength for the day…

I want to make you smile brighter everyday..

I want to be your strength and weakness..

I want to be your sunrise but never your sunset…

I want to the reason for your happiness..


  1. I love to see you angry at me…

         Because it makes me feel your possessiveness…

         I love to see you jealous..

         Because it makes me feel very special.

         I love to see you ignoring me..

        Because that makes me most important in your life..

         I love to see you shout at me..

        Because it makes me realize that you care

         I love it all…

        Because its YOU involved.

  1. I just want to tell you,

No matter what happens,I will always be there for you.

I will hold you tight till my last breath.

I will do anything to see you smile

I will always be there to protect and guard you.

I will be your sunshine till eternity

I will make every move to make our love grow stronger.

I wont leave you come what may.

I will be your guiding light in your times of distress

I just want to tell you…..


  1. You made me see the sunshine when my world was dark.

           You made me fall in love with myself when I stopped believing in myself.

           You made me see the rainbow when my world was just black and white.

              You filled my life with colors of happiness when sadness filled my heart.

          I just want to tell you that you have changed my life and I promise to pay you back someday.

        How much I love you,I know not…

        All I want to say this I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO.





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Vagisha Arora
Writing liberates me in ways nothing else can.I think that a writer is someone who can write about anything and everything without any hitch.


  1. Annie Anna

    The writing is inundated with wonderful messages that any spouse would feel privileged and special about.
    Undoubtedly, many of them can work as a magical spell to intensify emotions between the two in love and intensify the bond.
    Splendid words, those are priceless

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