Your vision is far sighted ,
But now it seems to be utopian.
Everyone around is in oblivion,
Is this how it is to bring about a change in a country of billions?

There is a situation of hue and cry,
But the government stand in a limbo, unable to pacify.
The people of the country are against corruption,
But none had envisioned so much chaos and disruption.

I question not the move,

The intention is surely to help the country improve.
But the implementation and execution,
Has once again left me disillusioned.

I support the idea, I support the cause,
But I can’t turn a blind eye to all the flaws.
A vision for the country is must,
But all around I just see a state of confusion and distrust.

There must be light down the dark tunnel,
Till then, we are ready to face the trouble.
But in the end, I hope it is worth the fight.
We all want to see the country achieve indefeasible heights.


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Vagisha Arora
Writing liberates me in ways nothing else can.I think that a writer is someone who can write about anything and everything without any hitch.

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