The 10-rupee Note

The 10-rupee Note

She was a 10-year-old introvert girl. One morning, her father gave her a 10-rupee note to buy anything for her from the Saturday market. She was excited because such lovely things used to happen only once in a blue moon. For her, that 10-rupee note seemed like some treasure worth millions because her father gave it to her with so much love. She wanted to use it in the best way possible.

She pondered all day about what she should buy until the clock told her that it was time to go to the market. She and her mother got ready and left. The market wasn’t far away from their home so it only took them less than 20 minutes to reach the market.

Her mother got busy in looking for household stuff while her eyes were wandering here and there in a hope of finding the perfect something soon. She saw many toys, dolls, hair bands, but nothing captured her heart. Soon, her face dropped in disappointment. The last ray of hope was ready to leave her heart when her eyes caught a glimpse of a heart-shaped locket. She didn’t waste a second and approached the vendor. At first, he told her the price of the locket was 15 rupees but her mother managed to bargain and she got the prettiest locket in 10 rupees. She returned home all happy.

She showed off her locket in front of her two brothers and waited for her father to come home. She so wanted to let her father see what she bought in that 10-rupee note. Her father came late. He was drunk as hell. Even her soul used to tremble with this version of her father. After all, she was just a 10-year-old kid.

She postponed the idea of showing her locket. While she was having dinner, her younger brother took the locket and showed it to him without her consent. As soon as he saw the heart-shaped locket, he was furious. He couldn’t stand the thought of her 10-year-old buying a heart. In his opinion, only sluts were supposed to buy such shameful things. So he slapped her and chided at her for at least 20 minutes or above. She didn’t know what wrong on earth she did by buying that locket. It was just a locket.

He acted like the locket was a proof of her affairs. As if one of her lovers gave it to her. He gave her such disgusted glances like she was having sex with every single person out there. In case if you forgot, she was just 10-year old and didn’t even know what her father was saying and why. He broke her locket into two pieces and her heart into thousands. That night, she cried, cried, and cried.

The very next morning, he woke up with no idea of what happened yesterday. Funny, isn’t it?

But, her mind forced her to tattoo those scars, screams, pain as a heart-shaped locket on her heart forever.

Now, she is 23 and she doesn’t buy lockets in any shape.

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