For Someone I Love

For Someone I Love


My Love,

This universe loves to conspire. It has conspired the most beautiful love stories till date and I’m positive that it’s currently working on new ones. I pray every day that its new ones must include our story as well. I know we haven’t met yet and you don’t even know my name, even though the circumstances are completely different on my side.

It felt like I’ve known you for ages when I first saw your picture. I know this line is very much overused by lovers romancing all over the world. But, I call this line my savior. This line saves me from running out of words when anyone asks me how does he make you feel. It sums up all my emotions under one roof with so much ease.

I don’t know if we’ll meet in this lifetime or not.

I don’t know if we’ll die as each other’s lovers or not.

I don’t know if the universe is considering our case or not.

I don’t know any of these. However, I am sure about one thing: if someday God comes to see me and gives me a choice between spending a day with you and anything else that I desperately need from life, I’d choose one day with you. I would choose it because I want to have a look at this world through your eyes. Because, I hanker to know the happiest moments your eyes ever witnessed, the scariest happenings that your eyes almost refused to see, or how your first love looked like. Because, I yearn to know the vibrant you, the dejected you, the lone you, the friendly you, and each rest of you. I’d choose one day with you so that I could appreciate the colors which God filled in your life’s canvas. And of course, to introduce myself to you.

It seems funny to me how naturally you came in my way and made it all yours. It’s funny how a person, who lives miles away from you in a different country, completely unknown about your existence, can make your heart race. And this isn’t the weirdest scenario.

The weirdest part is that my heart believes that you’re listening whenever I call out your name or when I tell you about my day or when I say I miss you. It stays up all night just to sing songs for you in a belief that one day the sweetness of its songs will reach to you and your heart will know that somewhere on this planet exists someone who loves you like you love music and probably then you’ll start to look for the source – for me.

I hope I’d feel your presence around me soon in this very lifetime.

Waiting with love,

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Upasana Bhadana
LOST in my own world!
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