It was a great news for me that I will now be studying in the most prestigious school of Tokyo. It was a beautiful place and the fresh breeze refreshes me, indicating a new life. Next day I joined my new school. I was well dressed with my new clothes and well polished shoes. I was excited to make a new start.
Few months passed, I had made some new friends and Alia is one of them, and the only person that I hate the most in the school was Ian. He was so rude to me when we first met at the bookstore. I was standing in queue but it was so crowded and students were literally pushing each other.
Hey you, can’t you stand properly? You shoved me against the wall, he said.
I’m sorry but this place is too crowded, I can’t help, I replied.
This is for the first time I and Ian encountered with each other. And he was arguing with me over all stupid things. Post that we went back to to our classes and schedule was as usual. I shared the incident with Alia. We used to share everything with each other. After hearing the incident she laughed a lot. Time passed on and our fun in the school still continued.
Four years later, while we were in class eleven, our sections got changed. But during our lunch break we met each other and often visit each other’s home. Alia had made more new friends in her class including Veronica, Shiv and Ian. Soon I also became a friend of Shiv & Ian and realized that Ian was not that bad. We created a lot of majestic moments with each other. Studies and fun were simultaneously progressing. One day, Alia came and told me that she and Shiv are in a relationship, next day after the school, I and Ian started teasing them both.
Why didn’t you tell us? I said
Yes? Now we want party, Ian said.
Okay done. Let’s have a pizza party, replied Alia.

We went to Dominos and that day became the best day for all of us to remember and cherish. It was the first time I went for hang out with my friends, or say, with Ian. We both were getting closer to each other as the days passed. Now instead of Alia I started sharing my secrets with Ian. I also started following Ian on Facebook and Instagram; it’s humorous but effective way of tracking someone’s activities. Not sure why I was tracking Ian’s activities. Later Alia told me that Ian often spoke about me and my habits. I felt happy whenever I heard to all these things. Maybe I started liking him, but how was it possible. I was completely confused. I wanted to be with him. It was clear to me that there is something wrong with me, but what it was I couldn’t comprehend.
It is not long until schools across India put up their ‘Quiet! Exam in Progress’ signs. And with it comes the inevitable exam stress and worry. I was so nervous for Mathematics exam but Ian encourages me and helps me in clearing my doubts. We did all the preparations of exams together. It was fun and he proves to be the stress booster for me.

On 28th February we had our mathematics exam. I was panicked but he calms me down with the best wishes.
I’m worried for our mathematics exam, I whispered.
Don’t worry dear, all will be fine. All the best, he murmured.
Same to you, I replied.

Four months passed and our results were out and we all got good marks and admission in the reputed colleges of Tokyo. I was amazed when I got to know that Ian and I got admission in the same college and same course too. Our memories were increasing day by day. I confess to myself that I do like him or maybe love. I was not sure whether he feels the same or not. That’s why I kept this thing a secret. This is the only thing which is hidden from Ian.
Almost a year passed in the college. Our college was all decked up to host its prestigious annual fest Symphony, the surroundings hinted at a theme, Magic and Mystery. I and Ian were both the part of student union and we put our soul to make the fest a successful event.
“I’m excited for the fest but nervous too”, I said.
“Yes me too. I am undergoing mixture of feelings”, Ian replied.

“Guys, all of you back to your respective duties assigned to you”, Sherlin commanded.
Sherlin is a senior student of English honors and president of our college. She is responsible towards authority given to her. My co-members were also very cooperative. It was fun working with them.
While doing decoration for the fest, Aadi fell down from the stairs. We all laughed a lot. And I was happy because Aadi was rude to everyone. He is the vice-president of our college and misuse authority to bunk his classes. And tells everyone that if they don’t work according to him then he will complaint the teacher coordinators.

“You don’t turn up for meetings. Do you think you are serious enough for this fest?” Aadi said to me.
“I’m sorry if I had done anything wrong but I did turn up for all the meetings. I am also working hard to make this fest a success”, I replied.
“Don’t argue with me. Go do your work that Sherlin assigned you. And bring me a cup of coffee.”
“I’m a student union member not your personal servant.” I protested.
“Do as you are asked to do or I will throw you out of this society”, he angered.
I left the place without replying anything to him. So what if he is a senior student or a vice-president. He can’t talk to me like that. I also have some self-respect, I said and Ian listened to me patiently.
He without saying anything gave me a tight hug. It was the first time we hugged each other and my mood immediately got pleasant.
It’s our fest day and we also had a rock show with Zayn Malik. I was thrilled. All were dancing and I was noticing the dance moves of Ian.
Hey where are you lost? Come let’s dance, Ian said.
Yes sure, I replied.
We danced a lot and while dancing in excitement we kissed each other. I don’t know what happen but it creates an awkward moment for both of us.
I’m sorry. I don’t want to kiss you but I don’t know what to say? Ian said.
But I know what to say, I like you. No I love you, I confessed. And I think we should be in a relationship, I suggested.
Yes I also like you but relationship, I mean is it correct?
Surely it is, I assured him.
Okay but let it be a secret.

We got our college degree and our bond got more stronger with the span of time and we succeeded in keeping the relationship hidden from everyone. But, now it’s the time to share our happiness with our family and friends.
I gave a call to Alia as it’s been a long time we hadn’t met each other.
Hello Alia. How are you?
Hey, I’m fine. What about you, after so long?
I’m fine. I just got busy with my job. What about meeting tomorrow?
Yes sure, tomorrow in Starbucks at 12pm.

I was happy to meet all my school friends once again. Ian picked me up from my home early morning and we purchased gifts for Alia, Veronica and Shiv. Then we went to Starbucks straightaway. I was excited to confess about our relationship to them, but confused how to begin.

Hello everyone! All well? Ian asked.
Yes we are good. Shiv replied.
We gave them the gifts. We sit, gossip and ordered café frappe and lemon loaf cake.

Guys, I want to share something with you all.
(O my goodness, I was confused how to begun but Ian finally uttered)
Are you in a relationship? Alia guessed.
Yes you are right we are in a relationship, Ian replied.
We who? Veronica asked.
I and …Jacob.
Wait what? Are you serious? Veronica shockingly asked.
Yes this is true we are in a relationship since last five years and we are planning to get married now, I replied delightedly.
(But there was a pause for a while)
It means you both are gay, Shiv laughed on both of us.
I don’t know why I’m here. I can’t be a friend of gay. Veronica said and left the place.
I and Ian felt so embarrassed with their reactions. But I was sure that Alia will support us. She is a good friend of mine. She will understand my relationship and accept us.
Alia will you attend our marriage? I asked.
No I cannot. My parents won’t allow me to attend the wedding of “two boys”. Bye forever to both of you. She and Shiv also left us after this.
There was a long silence between us.
Finally to break the silence I said I don’t know what to do now. I am sorry you get embarrassed just because of me.
Ian again gave me a tight hug (But this time I can feel more love and warmth)
He said, “We will marry tomorrow”. And I can feel the happiness in his eyes as we are soon going to be tied up in a knot. We without bothering about the society, stick to our decision and got happily married ever.
All arrangements were made for the best part of our life. But I was feeling disconsolate because my family is not with me on this auspicious occasion.

What are you thinking Jacob?
No one is supporting us neither our friends nor our family. The society is also not accepting us. All are making fun of ours. Why the people of this world are so restricted? I replied.
We cannot do anything in that but you don’t worry dear, I know no one is supporting us but we both are enough for each other.
He kissed me and I downcast my eyes with blush on my face.
Now smile we are happily married ever, he said while kissing me.

Yes I’m delighted. It’s ‘just you and me’ in the end.
(I kissed him back)