Huffing and panting, holding a pouch worth a life in her hands, she ran over the bridge towards the Whitengham castle. Her light blonde hair raced against the wind, the water under the bridge danced along her high pulsed heartbeats.

Reaching the ancient, murky gate, she pushed it open, revealing a room of splendour and majestic novelty inside.

A quick sigh of relief, she looked at the man sitting on the throne; king of the shadows, son of Azrum and Raiz, Beredth. She touched her chest with one hand and spoke in muffled breaths

“I-I uh have brought hmph t-the s-stone “

Beredth smiled at her words and replied

“I knew you could do it, Daya “

He turned towards his left and whispered to his general “ I didn’t think she would be able to do it”

The general smirked as he turned his eyes again to her and spoke in voice that portrayed authority and superiorness

“Give me the stone. It’s authenticity must be checked

With her pulses now normal

“No, I won’t” she replied “Until I see my sister alive with my own eyes”

He exaggerated a breath and said “Okay” clapping his hands twice “Bring the girl her sister”

She turned at the sound of metal clanking and guards bringing a girl, arms and legs shackled. Looking at the girl’s bruised face she cried out

“Diana” Tears welling in her eyes “Don’t worry” she smiled and comforted “I am here now “

“Hello!!“ Beredth called out breaking their silent reunion and long distanced embrace

“Now, give me the stone mortal girl, Your sister will only be returned then”

Daya looked at Diana, who was pleading with her gaze to not give him the stone but she dismissed her attempted pleads and walked towards the throne. She reached out to him with her hands holding a pouch

“The Selsa Stone is yours”

With focused gaze and cautious moves he took the pouch from her hands and untied the binding ribbon.

Green luminous light coloured the room, blinding his eyes and everyone else’s for a second. His fingers slid inside the pouch and he took out the stone

Staring at the beauty of the stone, lost in its aura, he laughed and spoke

“126 years, I have been looking for this stone. Hundreds of my men, world’s best hunters and searchers have died in its quest and here I hold this stone brought by a puny girl.”

He shook his head, escaping from the stone’s light and looked at Daya “You mortals continue to surprise me”

She intensified her gaze with Beredth and spoke “Let Diane go”

“Oh” he answered “I am extremely sorry, I really am”

She furrowed her brows “What do you mean?”

“I can’t let your sister go or you, the Shade ritual requires the Sesla Stone and the blood of Sesla sisters”

She widened her eyes and stuttered “B-but you said y-you would let us g-go, if we have you the s-stone”

“Well” he shrugged his shoulders and replied

“I lied”