She is a girl she is a peer
Amongst all she is her father’s dear
She is a wife she is a mother
She is a prepossessing soul unlike her there’s none another

Though every day is there for her to celebrate
But more so for the others to think and reverberate
Have we done enough for them in this archaic world?
A question that every now and then gets hurled

A woman unarmed need not seek revival
She should not smother neither should she worry for her survival
An epitome so unreal is blurring her eyes away
Its time that we give them an intent a hope a ray

Give them their space, let them fly high
And they’ll be an unstoppable force so much so that even the sky goes shy
Mince your steps towards this change and let them collate the courage
Give them a word of your mouth that you’ll always encourage

Today on woman’s day let us pledge this initiative
Support vehemently and let them be creative
Sit back, relax, for glory let them thrive
And see them overcoming the struggles of life