Survival Nutrients is a brand under Xtend-Life which is company known to manufacture and market health supplements as well as skincare products. These products are unique which means they are not available anywhere else in the world. It was 17 years ago when Warren Matthews established the Xtend-Life Holdings Ltd. Currently it has three affiliates including Survival Nutrients, Natural Products Ltd and Xtend-Life Natural Products Ltd. Those who are new to the world of prepping might have a lot of questions when it comes to hygiene when the worst happen. You can stay healthy by using products from Survival Nutrients but hygiene is also an essential part of being healthy.

If water is no longer abundant, you can have free baths outside your backyard when it is raining. This is only possible if the weather is warm outside. If not, rainwater can be collected using containers and barrels. If the weather permits, you can put a bathtub outside and wait for rainwater to fill it. Wait for the sunlight and a few hours after lunch you’ll have a hot water bath waiting for you.

You may be busy stocking food items, water and medicine but do not forget o include toiletries and hygiene products such as manual razor, dental floss, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrush, wipes, soap and many others.

One can easily get sick if the surrounding smells, it is wise to invest in good quality respirators instead of surgical masks. If you have garbage lying around, make sure to properly store them in containers, bury them or burn them. If you have a landfill nearby, throwing them on your own can be an option.

If you ran out of toothpaste or you forgot to pack them, you can make DIY toothpaste using baking soda and water. This is effective as a whitening agent. In the absence of shampoo and other hair products, do not despair because science has shown that hair has the capacity to clean itself. You can also make your own shampoo using baking soda, hot water, apple cider vinegar and a hair brush. If you have long locks, cutting it short might be worth considering for convenience.