Life is an unpredictable. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult, stressful and hard to manage, while other times it can be outrageous and fun. That’s the beauty of life AS it’s full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and wild roller coaster rides of emotions, feelings, and memories.

We all learn a lot of hard life lessons through our lives. Some of them are good lessons and some are bad, but at the end of the day, they shape who we are.



  • “Do you know what emotions waste the most energy?

    First CRUSH. Second JEALOUSY.

    So if you add Jealousy to Crush, you’ll go CRAZY & your energy will be DEPLETED….”



  • “The most petty creature on the earth is HUMAN BEING. He is just full of GREED, EGO, ATTITUDE etc., with just noticing the bigger picture it ignores the small picture which is very important part of every story.”

  • “The hardest decision in life is to decide whether you should WALK AWAY or TRY HARDER. If you don’t want  to have regrets, you should be BRAVE.”


  • “Trust is very important part of every relation. The relation to be successful must be clearly the combination of TRUST, SUPPORTIVENESS & sometimes COMPROMISE.”

  • “What type of Crown do you want to be on your head??

    Is it LOVE? FAME? Or WEALTH?

    Each crown has its own weight, so wisely choose….”

  • “What just happened in your life is that you fell once.

    You scratched your knees a bit, but don’t make it look like a big thing. When you look at it, LIFE IS TOO LONG.”

  • “If you want to be STRONG by heart & willpower, you have to be like a POTTER

    Just as potter makes pots with clay & heats them at 1300*C to have the finished product and yet again remakes them to have the desired result.”



  • “Your body moves on the reflexs when you’re in danger…,in a way you learned & practiced or you are used to…

    We learn the habits we need our body to know when we are young…,once childhood passes, nothing can take its place.”

  • “Just like skin is needed to protect the flesh and blood… sometimes a LIE is needed to protect the TRUTH.

    Rather than showing your own scars to stay honest, lying with a smile feels safer.”

  • “REGULAR love & PAINFUL love are different types of medicines. REGULAR LOVE is PAINKILLER that temporarily subsides the pain, but PAINFUL LOVE is like ANTISEPTIC, it hurts a lot at first but makes the wound heal. So even if it hurts, hang in there.”

  • “People should kow their LIMITS, The words they speak are sometimes much sharper than SWORD or KNIFE…

    The wound of the SWORD will be healed but wound given by one’s WORDS  leaves its SCARS forever….

Life is a SOUP and you’re a FORK

Try DRINKING it now…!