I switched on the Airplane mode
Learned the conduct of code
blinked faster and breathed deeply
Smiled harder but couldnt wholely
The plane took off,
instilling a sense of loss.

The window was tiny but enough
To carry a world,
of crooked rectangles and veins grey.
Resembling the flooring with patterns of unequal gay.
I felt like a monster
And tapped my feet hard
To check if the clutter i saw got smashed.

Now I know why Gulliver travelled.
The thought that he dint owe his enormity to a plane
led me to vain.
The sky got darker
Nothing remained starker.
through the window i witnessed
an autumn of headlights

And I was about to land
From the road of clouds to one of rock and sand.
Resuming life with my identity same
That however got lost in moments I was in plane.