In spite of the advent of electrical gadgets as subsequent successors of the printed papers, the love for a well bound book is never going to subside. For bibliophiles all over the world, who get high by just a simple whiff of the book, I have found a place just for you.
Hay-on-Wye is the ultimate destination for book lovers. It is a small quaint town known for its book stores. Second hand books are widely sold in this market town, situated in the county of Brecknockshire in Wales; actually the largest centre for second hand books and antiquaries. It’s not just shops which have books; the outer walls of the castles are lined with books. The best part is they have “honesty bookshops”, where people can borrow books and replace it after reading it, without any charge; although the returning part of it is compulsory, that’s why they expect honesty from you.
The advent of a paradise such as this commenced when Richard Booth started a bookstore in this town. On 1 April 1977, this bibliophile proclaimed himself as the monarch to this town which he declared as an independent kingdom. As a matter of fact his horse was appointed foreign minister. The town developed substantial tourism and owes it to this man Booth, who later on went to Germany after having sold his bookstore. This “town of books” also conducts an annual Hay literary festival.
The literary festival conducted every May invites a lot of readers as well as proclaimed writers. It first started when naturally a recent graduate decided to put on a literature festival thirty years ago. The tickets were sold in a caravan at various pubs. As years passed it raked in huge popularity and has become the most sought after lit fest.