First year of college clubbed with facing the issue of balancing a bunch of project deadlines, internship tasks and making time for friends all at the same time isn’t the best of situations. However, one benefit that came out of the first few months of college and the prolonged period of being over-worked was the idea to write an article about how to cope and/or counter this. Here’s a list not containing random trivia and actually having some useful advice, at least in my books.

Buying Technology


A laptop and a phone. Something most people consider as staple as dairy these days. But they aren’t even remotely close to the price of dairy products. There are ways to go around this issue if you are ready to make a few compromises here and there on the not-so-new-looking packaging. The solution? Re-furbished products.

A lot of us have preconceptions when it comes to even considering buying a used product. But there’s a range of positives in making this decision, apart from the obvious reduced amount of money being spent. For example, dropping a phone worth fortune hurts; but it hurts slightly less when you are reminded of the fact that you bought it for a mere fraction of the price. Further, a newly bought phone, or a refurbished one with slight use; both have a very similar life-span before they get outdated. With the requirement of a newer phone arising earlier than you always expect, buying a brand new phone every time isn’t the smartest and the most pocket friendly way to go.



Deadlines. Dead-lines. It gets harder than expected to cope up with the pile of projects your course might be throwing towards you. But with a bit of help from your phone and Google, you can try to get yourself to work. Enter Google Calendar. This service isn’t just made for high end business meetings or for the receptionist at your doctor’s clinic. Making simple calendar events about submission dates and project deadlines goes a long way on this app. It’s similar to keeping reminders on your table, but who are we kidding. We are more likely to look at our phone than our table.



Notes, not the ones you are expected to take in class. But other simple reminders and to-do lists. Carrying a notepad on a day-to-day basis to take notes of some minor details isn’t something a lot of us are willing to do. Enter Google Keep. Google is great at helping us being more productive. Google Keep is a simple app for the purpose of taking down notes. But it doesn’t stop here, the notes get synced to every device which has your email ID linked to it. Including your PC. Take a note about a project’s details on your phone in class, find it on your PC the next time you switch it on. It’s neat & nifty and it takes the bare minimum space on your devices.

Commute Time


Long metro ride? Stuck in traffic? Getting late? Great. Use this time. Commute time accounts for a fair amount of time for quite a few of us. There’s never really a lack of things to do, but there however is a lack of time to accommodate for all these things. When it comes to exams, we’re ever so ready to dedicate the commute time for revision, or to start the syllabus. On other days, it isn’t a bad idea for you to complete your written projects, preparing a presentation or reading a book. If somehow you have managed to finish all that on time (Kudos to you), the ride can be used to catch up on your favourite blogs or going through the news on your phone. This makes your journeys a bit more productive, and also with your mind busy elsewhere you don’t get enough time to crib about how long the journey was.