Gearup around your cell as I have a story to tell.
The nights of battle, a battle against one’s own thought. Not everyone in this world can talk to everyone. Some don’t want to share their problem with other. They think that it will trouble others or because they feel that they will make fun of him. We have been told that you have to make a lot of struggle to be successful. But I didn’t know that the struggle was with my own self, my own thoughts.
My own thoughts were eating me up. They were leaving me broken, deserted. My mind was running wild, creating situations which will never exist. Imagining things which were impossible and getting stuck on something. I got trapped inside my head, lost in my own thoughts And believe me, it was the darkest place I have ever been to. Darker than the darkest night, pitch black; where even a ray of hope was afraid to approach. The feelings got drained out of me. I felt nothing, neither happiness nor sadness. All I felt was hopelessness. The fear of failure had seized me. Everything was not going as planned, and I got pissed even more with this fact. I wanted to change everything but was unable to do so. No matter what I plan, I was unable to execute it. I was blank and numb throughout the day. At night, I was overflowing with emotions. All kinds of thoughts rushed through my mind, making me sleepless. I cried to my own self, unable to reach for help. I thought no one will get it, in fact, I was also not sure what was happening with me, what should I explain others. 
One fine day my parent found me in this state. Asked me well enough that I can tell. On hearing everything they took me to a doctor, without telling me where we were going. The doctor said I am depressed. My parents got stressed thinking about the issues it can create. Eventually, they started to talk and a ray of hope entered the box. Slowly that ray casted the light, and the shadows had to hide. The drained feeling came back in veins and I was happy again.
The confidence returned, so did the sleep and peace. I executed my plans and fulfilled my dreams, that little hope was all I need.
It may not be relate-able to everyone out there. But the people who have been through it or are going through this can feel every word.
Remember this, you are not alone, you should feel free to talk to someone about your problems, anyone. The human mind is the deadliest of all thing.
Hard work and Hope is all you need If you want to succeed.