Disclaimer: Based on a true story.

A few years ago, when I studied in the 5th standard we had two English teachers.
One of them, let us say, Miss X, was a fashionista. She had earrings and sandals that matched her every outfit, head clips and purses which were complementary to one another and a whole make up kit. Being the young ones, that we were, we loved all her accessories and the way she put up the articles of makeup on her face. Foundation, eyelashes, eyeshadow, you name it all.

Now, Miss Y was simple. Simplicity, her only accessory. She did not wear a neck piece nor had branded purses. She talked with children with a sweetness that couldn’t be compared with anyone. She wore a simple hairstyle and a light pink shade of lip color on a simple saree.
Bare neck. Bare arms. No bangles.No neck pieces. Just her shiny glittering eyes.
She had a pure heart. Never did I see her shouting on someone for no reason or getting angry, nor quarreling or anything. Something, something was special in her.

7 years down the lane. Our Farewell.
Miss X had wrinkles and didn’t look good without makeup. Also, age had done its work.

Believe me or not, Miss Y was still the same. There could have been one or two wrinkles near her eyes, but we couldn’t notice them. She still looked the same. Wore the same light pink shade color and simple sarees. Her voice was still the same. And her skin clear. No pimples or dead skin or wrinkles. Mind you, she was 40 by that time.

What did she do?

It was her heart. Trust me, she had a beautiful soul and a pure heart. Without much makeup, she looked pretty. Her lovely smile made our day.

I’ve seen so many times, Our inner thoughts and beauty show through our skin

I don’t know the beauty products you need for a glowing skin, but all I know is, have a good heart and nice thoughts, you will shine.