A touch of warmth and luxury is added to the home through the use of natural stone on the exterior. Wakefield Mfg. has introduced the best natural stone sealer exterior to ensure that your investment will not be damaged by moisture. The sealant will prevent the penetration of moisture because it will form a thin, hard coating over the surface that can withstand damaging freeze and thaw cycles.

Not all sealants will work well for exterior stone. It is important to choose natural stone sealer exterior that can yield both decorative and protective results. The sealant will be applied liberally so that mortar joints will covered completely. This will stop the penetration of water into mortar and prevent deterioration. For swimming pools and pool decks, there is nothing better than applying an additional coat of coloring system for gloss, protection and chemical resistance.

Before the application of natural stone sealer exterior, it is important to ensure that the surface is completely clean and dry. If necessary, a stiff broom or scrub brush can be used on the grout to remove all dirt. If the stone has residues, the application can develop some problems. An even coat of sealer must be applied using a roller tray to achieve the best results. It is best to start on top of the wall and continue downwards. Before the second coat of sealant is applied, it is necessary to wait for at least 2 hours. Wipe any excess sealant on stone before the second coating is applied.

While some professionals prefer to work with their bare hands, it is advised to wear gloves for safety purposes. Eye protection is also important and never be tempted to remove the safety glasses during the application of sealant if you want the eyes to stay safe. Wearing lightweight clothing is advised during warm weather but make sure they provide ample protection for the arms and legs. Breathing stone dust and chemicals is unhealthy. You can reduce the possibility of illnesses by wearing a face mask. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start applying the sealant to avoid any mistakes.