I am holding you together in one piece, without you even acknowledging it. I have traveled a long way that has led my path to you. But in a way, you see, my tedious journey of all tortures and stresses that I have traversed through has made me what I am today, made me worth your choice.
A million bodies you’ve touched all your life, and all through I have been there, closest to your body. Though you chose me, you did not choose me the way I look at it. I presume you chose me to be the closest thing to your bodily framework everyday, feeling every heat and every chill that runs down your spine. Being the one closest to your mind, body and soul I am the one who has insights of all your smiles, the one who has soaked all your tears, overheard all you said to you mother, father, brother and the real truths you told yourself, because every night I am the one you cuddle to even when he pings a smiley or kiss emoticon, I have been the closest one to your ski.

You need a space of your own, so, everyday there are moments you keep me away, and I don’t mind. That’s what you choose to do. Today was different, I felt the sweat on your naval, I heard your benumbing wails. They were taking me away from you but today it was not your choice, I sensed that because you were screaming and crying but, I couldn’t help. They took me away and threw me far off.
I was quite a distance away from you, couldn’t really see clearly, but something was happening. Something that you didn’t want, something that you didn’t like.
I watched them walk off.
I watched you hang yourself from the ceiling fan, all without me.

As of me,
I am the yarn of cloth, that was closest to your body, was supposed to protect you, but couldn’t.