In the preparation to join a new school abroad, I was completing their pre-arrival modules. In my group, I’m the first who has completed the modules along with the quiz. Also, now I have answers to the quiz which I shared on my WhatsApp group just cause I know many people in the group are busy enough that they wouldn’t get time to complete the module.

After posting the answers some thanked me and some criticized me. One of them got so annoyed that he said he will take the screenshot of my post and will complain it to ISSO (International student service office). What I did on very next moment taught me a big lesson.

He is the only married guy in my group who is joining us for this course. While watching the module I came through a slide which was for students like him (who are boarding with their spouse and family).

His words were “Himanshu, screenshot le lia hai mene ISSO ko mail krke complain kr rha teri (Himanshu, I have taken the screenshot of your post and I’m complaining about this to the ISSO).” In response to that, I said “Wese ek screenshot mere paas bhi hai aapke liye (I too have a screenshot for you)” it was the screenshot concerned about students coming abroad with their family. I thought about him for once and hence I took that screenshot, never know that ever going to use it.

After looking to my response that Arab-men replied: “Bhai dil hi jeet lia tune, ab se tere liye jaan bhi haazir hai”. Although that line doesn’t mean much, feelings were there and his happiness.

At that moment I realized that you don’t have to put some heavy efforts to win somebody’s heart. A single thought about them is enough.