This incident happened a few days ago. Helping is human nature and if you are able to help someone

you should do it. I have also taken help from people time to time and did same to many of my known friends. What makes this incident different is that somebody approached me in my style. Except, this person used fake-Id, for which I found an unfortunate reason.

In the morning on Facebook messenger, I received a message request from fake-Id. The message was “Hii sir, Can I get ur no. It’s abt my clg selection.” At first, I thought this might be some student from my mother’s school. I replied “Hey Ranveer, here’s my no. 95X-XXX-XXXX.” After an hour, I received a call from unknown number. I said Hello, who is this.” Unexpectedly a girl’s voice said “Hello sir, I’m Ayushi. Ranveer’s sister. I used his ID to contact you.” I understood her reason for doing so, and asked her what kind of help she is looking for, after answering to her 2-3 questions, I asked her who gave you my reference and her reply makes the whole story remarkable. She said, “I found you on Quora, I have just received my JEE result and have no idea about counseling and college/branch selection. And don’t know anyone who could help, would you?” I replied happily “Sure, I will”.

Lately after helping many and many students from grade-5 to my recent juniors as well as my college mates. I reached to a point where I felt that no matter how many efforts we put to help somebody, for some people my advice is not that worth. They do what they want to do. But after her call and answering to her queries, I realized that there are still some people who listen to me, who value my advice.

I also asked her “didn’t you thought about sharing your number and talking to third unknown person” Her reply was amazing and remind me of something and totally made my day.

Now I’m trying my best to give all possible information on the basis of my experience so that she can take a wise decision for her future. Though it’s sad that she has to use fake id because trust is still missing from our society. But all the very best to miss stranger.