This incident is 6–7 year old when I was sitting in my neighbor’s tailor shop. The conversation was going in the past direction, a person in his late 30s is telling me about the history of people lived in the colony before my house was constructed. While we were talking some kids were playing in front of us, he pointed out at one of them and said, “I have seen her mother too at this age playing just like this only. She grew up in front of my eyes”.

At that time I didn’t think much, but later in the evening while standing on the terrace, his words rumbled in my head. He spent such a long time living in the same place, doing the same thing, watching to same people. And my mind blew up, how could a person spend his life like this?

I understand that people have their own restraints and have own choices but what I learned from that conversation was this kind of living is worst one can do with himself and with his capabilities. I’m neither criticizing him or any person who chooses not to leave their place nor I’m asking to be a nomad but at least grow a bit. This world is really big and full of wonder, explore it in one precious life you have.