If you are wondering why contemporary restaurants are utilizing a software that we developed at Chef Mod, well we can present a good number of reasons. One of these is that the software can make restaurant operation a lot easier for its chefs and manager. Forget about manual operations and going to wet markets personally to shop for fresh ingredients or haggle with suppliers and vendors. With the software, you can manage your business effectively and prepare recipeswithout delay. Here are some of the other advantages that you can get from the software.

Precise forecasting

By using the software, you can easily determine when there is a need to replenish your supplies or stocks. We will also notify you to replenish the supplies and how much is still available. Thus, you get a regular inventory on your stocks. You can forget about doing last minute ordering or running out of supplies in the middle of the week.

Easy budgeting

Our team of Member Services Specialists at Chef Mod are dedicated on doing researches to find out where you can purchase the freshest and the cheapest supplies and ingredients for your restaurant. Our team will negotiate with the suppliers for you to get steady supplies at a bargain price. We will notify where you can get the supplies and with your approval, we will place the orders for you.

Place orders for you

Aside from knowing where you can get fresh ingredients, we can also place orders in our behalf. The only thing your chef and your manager need to do is wait for the delivery of orders and focus on preparing delectable dishes and serving your customers.

Managing recipes

Part of what the software can do for you is organize and manage your recipes so your chef can easily access them anytime. The system will also provide update whenever there is a need to add new ingredients and other recipe-related matters.

Food costing

With Chef Mod software, there is no need for manual computations because one of feature of the software is it determines the cost of your dishes based on different factors. This includes labor expenses, demand, ingredients cost and other factors.