Most of the modern and successful restaurants run their business in a modernized and automated way. The automated systems help the managers in proper inventory and order management. The modern software helps the restaurants to manage their day-to-day operations in an efficient and cost effective manner.

New start-ups and small restaurants do not have the capital to invest in huge database management systems. The services of ChefMod come in handy to such new and small businesses like restaurants, bars and catering services. Our cloud based software system, makes it easy for these small units to automate their operations easily and at a low cost. The system helps the restaurant managers to concentrate on other important areas of customer services, leaving the supply chain and inventory management to our experts.

The software helps the chefs to forecast the stock order schedule. They will have an exact idea of how long the ingredients will last and when to order for a purchase. This feature helps the restaurant managers in proper inventory management. The chef will never run out of key ingredients of a famous recipe of your restaurant. Proper inventory management also reduces the wastage caused by excess stocking, which results in the food products getting stale and not fit for use.

Our team of experts at ChefMod,research the markets for fresh and quality ingredients. They negotiate with the vendors and suppliers, for better deals on restaurant supplies. This helps the small restaurants to save up to fifteen percent of their inventory costs.

Our software allows the restaurant managers to place orders with just a click. The managers are spared from visiting the markets and wasting time canvassing and bargaining for the supplies. The ChefMod software provides a list of suppliers and the prices offered by them. We also place orders on behalf of the restaurants, with their approval.

The EZ Recipe helps the chefs to store and update the recipes regularly. We also notify the prices of all the ingredients needed in a recipe and update the prices as and when needed. The chefs can easily access the recipes anytime and also the price history of the ingredients.

The use of ChefMod services helps the managers in easy food costing. The software determines the cost of a dish, after including various costs such as ingredient prices, labor and fuel charges, the demand for a particular dish and other factors.