Twas the moonlit night

The scary thunders’ plight

Conveying through its spark

What could not be sent apart?

Still, the still leaves rumbled

In the petrifying mysterious night

When all that echoed was, an empty ‘NO’.




The love that could never be.


The heart was still, where it was




To the two letters of negation.


For the mountains still soared

Soared high in anticipation

Anticipation of your arrival

Arrival of the ‘Yes’

Yes, it didn’t happen that night

Night, of which I talked above

Above as my spine still trembles

Trembles, for now you are



Heard of which in the quotes of love,

Love that was always returned

Returned between the two souls

Souls that were one.

One, couldn’t be ours

Ours that I had dreamt

Dreams, oh they died in misery

Misery of farewell.


Meeting it was, very first

First your eyes that drew

Drew my intent in their depth

Depth of what I had fallen into

Into your heart as I peeked

Peeked into your conscience so pure

Pure, was what I felt for you

You, were what my thoughts.


Fell, oh no, not I

I walked in love for you.

You, the subject of my poetries

Poetries, where my words danced

Danced in perfect synchrony of

Your Love.


No, was what I heard that night

Night, full of terrors

Terrors of rejection, dawned and scared

Scared, I was, of what lied ahead

Ahead, and I shivered of it.


Rejected, feelings and my heart

Heart, now feared of company

Company, only yours I desired

Desired that were now in flames

Flames of agony and pain.


Wait for you , I will forever

Forever till my heart stops

Stop, loving you, I would never

Never will these words stall.


‘Us’ is all I dreamt of

‘Us’ that would be never

Now I’ll stop these words of mine


The love that won’t end ever.