There were two sides,
My heart became full of fright.
I kept on wondering,
how breath could function,
In this air of acrid spite.

They shouted and danced
Clapped and jumped,
Waved flags, nationalisms pumped.
All the Cheer of saffron and voices of green gave me pangs.
It was all colours, still too dark
My head dizzied at the combinations stark.

Two flags devided by the no man’s land,
boundary for some grave for many was the narrow road exhaling sand.
A day of separation was so deeply embarked,
Several years gone and it continued to manifest its mark.
But I saw the birds flying in the liberal sky, across the gates.
I saw the labrador wagging it’s tail for men belonging to other side of the fence.

I felt the winds carrying the fregarance of buds still awaiting blossom.
While humans… dispersed, the colours with them submerged, except whites,blues and greens.