Flipping through the pages of my resume, they asked me what I wanted to be.
No, not the interviewer.
Neither my family.
But it was the society.
The pages were being flipped.
Virtually though.
With every question that I had to answer them.
For making a choice.
A choice of being different.
A choice that went upstream, against their conventional norms.
They made me believe, that I wasn’t good enough.
They made me doubt my decisions.
My own choices.
They told me I will regret.
They told me it won’t be easy.
They tried to pull me back.
And so did everyone else I knew.
The world was full of poisonous souls, wishing people to do good, but never better than them.
And that was the truth, which I realised.
Too early or late, not sure.
I did not need to prove them.
I wanted to prove my own self.
The strength of my decisions.
The strength of my soul.

There was one thing in life that I knew.
I was an ordinary girl, with extraordinary dreams.
Dreams that took me beyond the horizon of life.
To the land of happiness.
A land where life had its colours.
Its own beauty.
I used to live a black and white life, waiting for someone to come and paint it beautiful.
But, I realised, it was only me who can paint it.
The Best.
Noone could ever know me better than I knew myself.
I knew what my heart wanted, in life.
Maybe the paths were unclear, but the dreams were up there high.
I did not dream to be the richest on the land, but dreamt of being the happiest.
Being able to live life on my own terms and watch that glistening eyes of people of my life, who actually love.
That was my happiness.
I dreamt of respect.
Self and By.
I dreamt of making changes in the loopholes of the society, which was a huge task to do.
But I had learnt that determination and hard work could even churn mountains through!
This was the vortex of thoughts in my soul, with every step I took ahead in life, which in inconciousness rose.
To understand myself better and have a confident soul, I stand here with my baggage on the new city’s doors.
With my dreams in my pocket and ambitions flying high,
I wait for the day when with my head held high,
I would scream to the world in a top-knotch voice,
I won and proved the challenges that life gave by,
And there I live peacefully adoring the life that I created for myself after several tries.