“Marriage should be between spouse and spouse , not a gender and gender”
-Hendrik hertz Berg
The phase of same-sex marriage is changing constantly throughout the world. Recently many countries such as Australlia , Ireland legalized the concept of same-sex marriage. If the catholic and the traditionally conservative Ireland can approved to the concept of same sex marriage then why not INDIA ?
Here , people talk about equal rights for all the people in the country but now where are these rights gone ?
In India , the homosexual intercourse was made punishable under section 377 of IPC ( INDIAN PENAL CODE) of 1860. The same sex marriages are not yet legalized in India . Our former prime minister Manmohan Singh said that legalizing Homosexuality will not be appreciated in India as we are culturally very different society. It is mainly opposed in India in the name of culture and religion. Even if homosexuality is being legalized in India , it is no way going to affect religion. Apart from that , if the same sex marriage is not harming anybody , then they are at liberty to do whatever they want to do. It is neither harming anybody nor the other person. Even in the 21st century , some people still not believe in the same sex marriage . Baba Ramdev too gave the statement that people who are homosexual are mentally ill. Although scientist have discover that same sex attraction is genetic and it depends on the biology of person .There will be certain advantages when the homosexual marriage will be legalized in India :
• There will be increase amount of children who will be successfully adopted and thus would be helping hand for the children who does not have parents and because of this population will also be controlled in India.
• There will be diminish in youth suicide as many children and teens are being bullied in school because of their sexual orientation but if this concept will be legalized then there will be downfall in the rate of youth suicide .
• People have right to freedom of choice and they can do whatever they want to do till it is not going to harm anybody and obviously this concept of same sex marriage is not going to harm anyone.
Obviously , when this concept will be legalized in India , there will be certain problems which might be faced by the country but that doesn’t mean that minority rights of these community should be suppressed.