The moon scattered its light on the country side, colouring all with silver but the club area . It was lit up with orange light. Midst the orange, Jim and Elissa stood. Trees near them forming a silhouette in the dimming, dormant sky. Jim said to Elissa in a rather fierce voice

“Stop it”

Elissa smiled and replied “And why do you think I’ll do that?”

Jim’s eyes sparked. His lips curved in a sly grin. He had been waiting for this question, the whole night.

“Because I have your brother” he pretended to frown

“You want to see your baby brother safe” he raised his eyes brows “ don’t you ?”

Elissa looked unsure. She seemed to bend down to drop the gun but a quick white flash and she aimed it towards him instead. Loading the bullets, she laughed

“That idiot. And you think I care about him. Haha” “ Oh yes” she continued sarcastically “ I love the only person in this world I despise, other than you”

Jim was shocked. Words stuttered inside his mouth. He opened his mouth to say some words he never could as Elissa’s voice broke through.

“So, any last wishes?”

She shifted her cold gaze to him and continued, frowning at her words

“Sorry ain’t got time for that shit”

And shot him right in his head

His body stifled as he fell in the flat pool water beside. Waves rippled near his newly dead body. And he sank in the chlorinated 5 feet water, painting the water with light red blood.

Elissa’s eyebrows shot up as she saw Jim sinking. She curved her lips downwards

“Too early, I guess” she spoke to the water

Too dissolved in her fake grief, she didn’t notice a man walking towards her from behind.

His bleeding hands had aimed an already loaded gun at Elissa. His eyes seemed angry and so did his voice

“Too early indeed, sister”

And before she could turn at his words

He shot her, straight at her heart