Today again I stood beneath the green awning.It was my routine to have tea at this tapri near my college and It was certainly the awning’s routine to not let my eyes meet the sky.It seemed like a cluster of leaves that never left each other’s hands.
I was in this boys college and the tapri was the chai- sutta place for all of us.Even though I dint smoke this place had created a space in my heart and i came here often.

I stretched my neck and walked with the cup of tea in my hand.Walking while looking upwards was one of the strange things I loved to do.
It helped me avoid the world in front for a world much more beautiful and I think its just fair to practice this way of walking sometimes.
I took a walk around, trying to make sense of the strange shapes clouds covered my eyes with ; along every sip of tea,emerging more and more in the land of clouds away from sky of roads.
Then I returned back, under the awning, as I was strolling looking in upward direction, a collision with a stranger broke my reverie. I realised a feeling of being green under that green roof. I noticed that I was surrounded by a rusted green window and green benches.
On one of the benches sat , what looked to me like two boys while the other was occupied according to me by two individuals ,a man and a woman , I suppose or maybe not. However something common on both the beches was love. Love of what type I know not and neither did i want to. Just the essence that curled them embued the air sd reached me as I inhaled.
I had always believed that humans can never be confined into vessels. Just like tea, they change, they move from kettle to glass to floor to sometimes clothes, they fly in vapors and and brew with anger.
They turn into different colours, they grow.
All we were supposed to do was enjoy the process of becoming.Therefore I restrained from fixing people or their emotions into tiny boxes.
Suddenly my focus was shifted from them to a sound, it came from.above. As i looked upwards I saw a purple sunbird which had stuck its feet in the leaves of this green awning.It was struggling its way out through leaves so hard as though she had been there for hours and just wanted to break free.
She kept on moving to and fro but the leaves continues to grip over her.But this one was stubborn and din’t stop moving even for few seconds.
I observed It for sometime and finally found a stem near me.
I.used this stem to pull apart the grip of these leaves, pushing through the strength with which they held each other.It was after the third attempt I manged to help the tiny bird find its way, it flapped its crimson wings and flew into the blue sky.
The sunbird and I together had managed to carve a hole into the tight grip of leaves and now finally now my eyes could meet the sky as it peeped through the hole.
As I went back to college after completing my tea.I was determined to break through, just like the tiny sunbird and be that (w)hole.
That was the day I finally confessed to my partner who was my bestfriend then that I loved him.