that evening, you conquered me completely,
so perfectly, I wished this is all I want
and all I did what I desired for so long,
held you against the wall of my shabby room.
As I came closer I could taste your breath
the freshest breeze I have ever inhaled
I caught the whiff and wished never to breathe out
and baby the moment was blessed.
I tenderly ran my hand up your curvacious waist
you melted so sensually, the gods would fail to stop,
the more I leaned forward, the blankness ran through,
Just when the time was utterly divine
you did something that made my heart leap strides
the way you closed your eyes, I had an epiphany
I could sense how much you believed
in the promises we made.
the luscious lips of yours brushing against my dry ones
and with every second passing, I felt a jolt inside me
filling my heart with the juices of your love.
I had no clue when you unbuttoned my shirt
and you took that pause to get even closer.
I embraced you so hard, kissing the right of your neck,
you let out a gasp and buried your face in my chest,
all I could think was if time would rest.
I held you harshly by scruff of your neck
and you dug your nail deep into my back,
all of these fueled the fire so big
I lost the track of life like it never existed without you.
as our unclad flesh rubbed against one another,
and the rhythm of our breath found a hard time to sync,
our heartbeats were inaudible taking the break they required.
I held your both hands into one and raised them high,
for they felt like obstruction, a medium to unite
and I sought no mediator to aid the passion of ours,
for I have contemplated your face for long enough,
they radiate with the most pious flames of desire,
and that is the same thing I am greedy for the time being.
the evening I live for, the night I live by
coming back home to you as soon as I can
for the moment I see you, to hold you so fast
not a fraction of a second gets spilled
that I regret my time that lasts.